Alex Mikuta
web development

a corner of wisdom

I think education is power. I think that being able to communicate with people is power. One of my main goals on the planet is to encourage people to empower themselves.

 (Business woman, 1954-)

web development

Please check out my portfolio. Updates on the way.

Main goal of work is to make everybody happy, including myself. In short, I'm covering all stages of the development:

brainstorming on the project idea
Help with clarifying the best WEB solution considering your needs and current marketing situation, which involves getting the proper features with contemporary view of the future.
bringing the design together
Either you would like to choose from the existing design library with further customization according to your needs, or to create an original custom design from scratch, or you have something else in mind - I have the skills.
implementing the best programming solution
Whether it is a "one page layout" representational site, or a custom "company's inside use" system, or system upgrade, or building custom modules for existing solution - I am ready to dive into it with an up-to-date technology.
gathering the data and putting it in order for SEO
Web is all about the information search and you know it! Usability and search engine optimization are the tricks to put the right data to the right places for users and search engines to find it fast and easy. I will give advise and take all the steps for your site to be visible and easy reachable.

For more information please contact me.

bringing your ideas to life

It's all starts with project planning excitement. Whether you have plenty of ideas or need some tool but have no idea on how should it work.

Probably you have a plan for your project already or have a pretty good idea what you want to achieve

It could be quite confusing to decide what technology to use and how to use it for your web project to rock

With a variety of devices and software your project will be used with, you have to make sure it shines for your target group.

In every project there are always lots of small details within planning and implementing it. But it shouldn't scare anyone.

I will make my best for your project to run smoothly and you and your end-users would enjoy using it.


Renaldho Pelle personal

cross-browser handwritten html and css for custom design
driven by Drupal 6 CMS
personal blog/portfolio project. design provided by the customer along with some original ideas. navigation created on the custom calendar view. image slider implementation on multiple images.

PC Doktor Muenchen

custom design
cross-browser handwritten html and css
driven by Drupal 7 CMS
content management and SEO
small local business project. design implemented with close client cooperation. clean and simple texts, image carousel, tags, Gmap functionalities.

Personalo Projektai

customized Bluez theme
driven by Drupal 7 CMS
content management and SEO
small business project. customized one of the most popular Drupal 7 themes. extensive use of views and forms on the project with a various custom outputs.

Four Grains

custom design
cross-browser handwritten html and css
driven by Drupal 7 CMS
content management and SEO
small business project. design and functionality were completely covered and implemented by me. clean and simple information, image lightbox and Gmap functionalities.


customized Elegant theme
driven by Drupal 7 CMS
content management
"friends and family" oeuvre project. minor customization of Elegant theme. clean and simple output of texts and images.


Unfortunately I can't show big part of lately implemented projects publicly as of copyrights and other restrictions. Please contact me to get a full overview of my portfolio.